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  1. It's Friday, and we've got some great news! 5 random winners have been selected to received autographed copies of Tesla's new album Simplicity on vinyl. Congratulations to: Donna in Ooltewah, Tennessee Chuck Merkich in Youngstown, Ohio Cindy in Moss point, Mississippi Hawkeye Rockford, Illinois Ralph Lopez in Kaysville, Utah We're shipping out...
  2. Attention fan club! Tesla recently announced that they will be performing at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC on Feb. 20! Read more for pre-sale details.
  3. Tesla have just announced another new show in Chattanooga, TN, and Tesla Fan Club members will have exclusive access to pre-sale concert tickets and VIP upgrades. Read more for details. 

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Tesla Vinyl

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Psychotic Supper 25th Anniversary LP

Started 5 weeks ago by Steven Matthews
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Happy Birthday, Dave!!

Started 2 months ago by Marie Kawase
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Started 3 months ago by RadioBabe
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Get the fanclub contests going!

Started 15 months ago by Mark Munoz
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Re: Get the fanclub...

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Simplicity LP

Started 5 months ago by Steven Matthews
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Re: Simplicity LP

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Started 6 months ago by STARSHINE
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TESLA the Band Kicks Ass

Started 7 months ago by little mama
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Re: TESLA the Band...

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Troy - ethics

Started 5 months ago by khumbualu
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Richmond is ready!!

Started 6 months ago by RichmondTeslaFan
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Re: Richmond is ready!!

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